I want you to throw me on the bed and pull my panties up so tight and hard that my ass lifts off the bed and my pussy looks like it is going to split in half, then start to tease me by rubbing the material faster and faster, back and forth across my clit until I scream that I'm about to cum. Then you quickly pull my pretty panties off me and wrap a bit of the silky, soaked, and wrinkled mess around your finger, spread my legs wide apart, and begin to insert my panties little by little deep up inside my wet pussy as I moan and frantically rub my swollen clit! Please, please leave just enough material peeking out so that when I turn over and straddle your face you can spread and spank my ass and reach up with your teeth and begin to very, very slowly pull them back out again as I lean forward to deep throat and gag on your hard slippery cock. I'll cum loud and very hard the moment you pull them all the way out and then you will flip me over, and fuck the shit out of me for being such a very bad girl, and pound your hard cock over and over into my tight cunt, with my dripping panties still clenched between your teeth.

My Fantasies​

I love it when I'm wearing panties and they start to gather and ride up between my pussy lips. Usually it happens when I'm walking; I start to feel the familiar tingling happening down there as the silky material begins to move and gather all up between my pussy lips, and each step causes it to dig in a little deeper, getting me wetter by the minute. Hello camel toe! I start to move my hips more as I'm walking and will usually slyly slide one hand just under my waistband so I can grab hold of my panties and pull them up tighter against my clit and hard between my pussy lips. I loooove the feeling of the smooth material against my clit and the way it feels like my pussy is trying to suck my panties right up inside of me.