​​Brandy:  A complex spicy drink that inspires, intoxicates, and always ignites the soul.

Brandy is a sexy, sultry and provocative woman with an alluring smile, and a devilish look in her eye.  She has a tantalizing personality with a creatively erotic mind and enjoys everything that the wicked side of life has to offer.  Her sexuality is a limitless world waiting to be explored.  Brandy is your PSE fantasy come true.

Rose:  A multi-layered flower that is wonderfully sweet.  “There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence.” (R.W. Emerson)

Rose is a sophisticated, sensually seductive woman with a warm smile, soft, brown eyes, and smooth creamy skin.  Experience her captivating personality and bask in the attention of her inquisitive mind.  She is a well-educated and engaging conversationalist, with a wide range of interests.  Feel her enticing charm as it stimulates both mind and body.   Rose is your very own beautiful GFE flower.