I have seen Brandy a couple weeks ago. Prior to our appointment we had a “meet and greet” date due to my lack of references (I haven’t seen SP for years, so please be gentle guys). During our “meet and greet” we connected so well, like we have known each other for years thanks to common interests and her great personality. Considering that I am disabled guy, I’ve asked if she is o.k. with that, and she replied that she more than happy to see me. Brandy is a disability friendly lady.
Finally, an appointment date has arrived. Her place is great penthouse in the Fort York area. What a stunning view. I had a dressing request for her. I ask her to be dressed as a business woman. WOW! I was stunned. She exceeded all my expectations. As she put on Twitter: ” Taking care of business…” (you can see how she was dressed). The session was a great mixture of GFE and PSE. She adores equally giving and receiving pleasure. She really made me feel special.

I would recommend her any time….each and every day of the year. Thank you Brandy! 

​​I have seen Brandy three times now and familiarity breeds content. She instantly puts you at ease and makes you feel like you are the only person in the world. I especially love that Brandy has the body of a 20 year-old with the experience of a 30 year-old. Physically she is very fit with a toned highly responsive physique. Long black hair serves to accentuate Brandy’s Victorian porcelain skin.

I’d recommend connecting with her on Twitter at @brandyxxoo….And yes, her butt is really that hot. One thing that was unexpected was how nice the incall location was. It is certainly the nicest and most luxurious one that I have ever been in. My most recent session with Brandy was for 45-minutes. It was fast and intense but I would really recommend 75+ minutes to get the full Brandy experience. I know that she likes Oasis so this may steel my nerves enough to attend with her. One of the tweets on Brandy’s timeline mentions role play. She certainly has the intelligence to make that deliciously possible.
I find even two hours isn't really enough time! That said, if you book anything less than an hour, you are just doing yourself a disservice. Get thee to Brandy, post haste!

Brandy Rose Toronto


I have to thank you for the wonderful evening, it was truly an eye opening experience. My nerves were on edge before I even contacted you but each response set me more at ease, so much so that by the time it actually came to meet you I had to think to myself how crazy it was that I was actually doing this.

I haven't felt so alive in years.

I haven't felt like myself in years.

As soon as I saw you, time stopped and I was in another world.

Your beauty, your smile, your eyes, they were what lit the entire world in that moment frozen, like a lost canvas by some forgotten master. 

And it seemed that just as soon as I had arrived, it was time to go. A beautiful day, and left me looking forward to many more.

Again, thank you.

What can I say about Brandy? Brandy is the best escort I have seen. She makes you feel so welcome when you go to her beautiful downtown condo which is easy to get to. Brandy greets you with a smile that lights up the whole downtown Toronto, she’s always dressed classy when she first opens the door but after she can be as bad as you want. She makes you feel like you’re the only person in the world. An hour just won’t do with her you need at least two hours and even that is not enough.  When I see her, I have such a great time that I can’t wait to see her again. Brandy is so understanding of everyone’s needs she would bend over backwards for you. Thank you Brandy for the best experiences of my life!

While taking a look at some profile pics on Twitter, I stumbled upon Brandy's - who I had been following for some time but hadn't seen before. She is hanging upside down on a pole wearing extreme high heels and I was totally impressed with her obvious pole dancing ability. We tweeted back and forth a bit and I was intrigued enough to want to book some time with her. I decided to book 90 minutes as I had not met her before and my personal preference is to spend some time to get to know someone.

Her downtown Toronto in-call location was easy enough to get to - located in the Fort York area of the city. The condo is more spacious than the ones I am used to and had two awesome views - one of the city and one of Brandy.

She met me at the door wearing a sleek, skin-tight, body hugging dress. She has incredible long legs and a fantastic figure with gorgeous long hair. It had been raining so I quickly jumped into the shower. When I came out, Brandy had poured some Canadian whisky for us to drink and chat for a bit. I am generally nervous meeting someone for the first time, but Brandy is incredible at putting people at ease. She is a great listener and conversationalist. We got a bit carried away with the talking - essentially my fault. I started caressing her incredible skin and I told her I was a bit shy and she responded that she wasn't shy at all. So that's when the tables turned so to speak. She is an incredible kisser. Fantastic soft lips, piercing eyes and I am not sure what perfume she was wearing but her scent was amazing.

There were so many pretty women at VIP-8 that it would hard to pic the prettiest.  Among the top were Brandy and FloChamp who walked holding hands and looking like twins. 
Brandy is from Toronto, but visits Montreal several times a year and when she does she advertises on MERB.
If you have access to TERB, then read her reviews…they are all filled with praise and positive comments about her looks, service and fun personality. 
Her twitter account is filled with sexy pics, too.  Brandy has been on my radar since I met her at VIP-5, but it was her TERB review and meeting her again that put her on the top of my list.  Her looks, service, and personality are tops…off the charts great.

If you like a mature woman who looks ten years younger than her age, a woman who knows how to fire up every cell in your body, it’s Brandy.

I will definitely see her again on her return to Montreal in a few months.